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FAQ: How Can You Protect Your Business From Hackers?

Mar 20, 2023

At Amnet, every one of our clients has the same legitimate concern you do – how can you protect your business from hackers? In fact, this is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive daily. Whether your organization is a multi-million dollar industry leader or a local mom-and-pop company that runs out of your basement, cybersecurity concerns us all.

But while large companies have entire departments dedicated to cybersecurity, many small to medium size businesses do not have the in-house resources to combat hackers. One report shows that small businesses experienced an astonishing 424% increase in cyber attacks last year alone! That’s a terrifying prospect for an organization with lax computer network security services, untrained staff, and outdated technology to safeguard sensitive data.

To get you started thinking about your own cybersecurity efforts, here are answers to several frequently asked questions about how to protect your business from hackers.

What Threats Should Especially Concern You?

Unfortunately, there are a plethora of cybersecurity threats to concern small business owners in Colorado. Your company may be a target if you lack the time and resources to protect your business from hackers.

Inadequate network settings, outdated equipment, phishing attacks, viruses, malware, and password vulnerabilities take their toll on small businesses, and that is just the beginning. Companies right here in Colorado are an easy target for ransomware attacks, where hackers seek a cash ransom by holding data hostage or by threatening to release it to the public.

Why Did the COVID-19 Pandemic Increase Risk? 

The change to remote work due to COVID-19 affected more than just business productivity. The pandemic exposed deficiencies in most businesses’ security footprint, with many workers securing remote access to their work desktops to access work materials on their home network. Cybercriminals took full advantage of this vulnerability by doubling their efforts to gain entry into business data systems.

Without a layered cybersecurity approach, small businesses, schools, and other public-facing organizations that use unsecured programs for remote work, email communication, or remote learning are at risk.

Whether your business has one employee or 100, a single exploited vulnerability could easily cause immense financial or reputation damage.

Does Having Data in the Cloud Protect Your Business From Hackers?

protect your business from hackers with amnetMany businesses have transitioned their data into the cloud, believing this will improve their cybersecurity because their data is stored in multiple locations. While that is an improvement on an insecure server, remember that just one unsecured computer can provide an experienced hacker access to your entire cloud service

A multi-layered, proactive cybersecurity policy, including two-factor authentication, is critical to ensuring your cloud, and thus your business, is secure from attack. 

Is the Set-it-and-Forget-it Mentality Still a Valid Cybersecurity Policy?

Unfortunately, there’s no way that organizations can set up a firewall and walk away. Changing and evolving threat vectors mean that cybersecurity needs to be an ongoing conversation if you want to protect your business from hackers. 

Should Your Business Adopt a ‘Zero-Trust’ Policy? 

Many companies believe that a zero-trust policy is a cornerstone of cybersecurity architecture. More than a ‘trust-but-verify’ policy, zero-trust means only giving access to information, files, or accounts when necessary, including access given to your employees. Default settings of global access can cause massive problems if any one person’s account becomes compromised. 

Is zero-trust the best way to protect your business from hackers? The answer depends on your business needs. The pros of a zero-trust policy are that your network is much less vulnerable to attack, and you know exactly who, when, and why your data is accessed.

 But on the other hand, granting and monitoring access to systems and data could become a full-time job for an already overworked administrator or business owner. Additionally, zero-trust may make your employees feel that you do not trust them.

At Amnet, we conduct a thorough network audit before transitioning Colorado companies to a zero-trust cybersecurity policy to ensure this is the right choice for your business. If there are indicators that a zero-trust policy is advantageous, we recommend conducting a cybersecurity awareness training session with your employees. Doing so assures your employees that policy changes are not due to a lack of trust in them; instead, it is simply a safer way to approach the organization’s network and email security.

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Should You Be Concerned About the Dark Web?

Referring to the dark web may seem dramatic, like something from the latest Hollywood blockbuster. But be assured; the threat is genuine. The dark web is where all your personal and valuable business data will end up if your business falls victim to cyber-attacks.

Because the dark web is so nebulous, a critical step to protect your business from hackers requires your employees to create complex, strong passwords.

How Can a Proactive Cybersecurity Plan Help My Business?

A proactive cybersecurity plan is the best way to protect your business from hackers and ensure that you safeguard sensitive information and data from your clients and customers. 

The most proactive cybersecurity plans will incorporate the seven essential elements of small business cybersecurity, including mobile device management, enhanced email security, cybersecurity awareness training for all employees, and responsible data access.

Many Colorado businesses invest in cyber insurance so that, if a data breach does occur, they have help to repay some of the hard costs associated with the attack. But no level of insurance can fix the damage done to your business’s reputation. That is why a proactive approach to cybersecurity is always the best practice for Colorado companies.

How Amnet Can Help Protect Your Business from Hackers

Developing a plan for improving cybersecurity might seem intimidating. By partnering with Amnet, a professionally managed IT services provider in Colorado Springs, you can ensure your cybersecurity strategies are proactive, responsible, and tailored to your needs. 

We offer cybersecurity solutions that leverage multiple layers of security to keep your business safe from online threats like ransomware and hacker intrusions. We will work with you to develop and execute a proactive plan that protects your business from hackers and leaves you free to focus on your bottom line.

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