Password Risks Why Multi factor Authentication is a Must

Jun 9, 2021

Password Risks, why multi-factor authentication is a must.  Stolen passwords are central to most breaches. Organized crime is financially motivated. Why use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

  • Passwords alone are not enough.
  • Password reuse is very common
  • Compromised credential breach
  • Credential stuffing attacks
  • The primary goal of 70 percent of these sophisticated attacks in 2018 was to obtain user credentials according to Proofpoint research
  • Mitigates identity theft
  • Renders stolen credentials ineffective

Phishing and spam emails vastly outnumber legitimate emails.

  • On average 70%-80% of all email is either spam or phishing attempts
  • 1.1 million emails per month and only 230,000 are legitimate
  • Employees are constantly bombarded with emails that ask them to enter their credentials

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