Penetration Testing for Cybersecurity

Computer Network Penetration Testing Services

Jul 15, 2020

Everything today seems to be connected to your business network.

You’ve heard that even those simple things around the home like Internet-connected thermostats and baby monitors can be hacked and used against us.

Just think about how many more security gaps may be lurking in your business network…

In society’s effort to simplify home and work life, it has made the job of securing all the possible attack vectors a virtual nightmare.

This is where Penetration Testing comes into play.

You see, we’re good people who know how bad people operate.

We know the entrance vectors that they exploit to gain access to your systems, and we know how to close those holes before they are utilized by criminals.

How does Penetration Testing work?

We use specifically designed tools that mimic a wide variety of attacks used by criminals. These tools indicate where your systems are failing you, so we can suggest a strategy to address vulnerabilities caused by technology and processes.

Even people can become a vulnerability. Employees mistakenly open the wrong email or click on a link that they shouldn’t and in so doing become a part of the problem. We help employees understand what to look for and avoid by implementing phishing testing and training.

The Penetration Testing tools we use harness the power of fake attacks against your web applications, software solutions, network, WiFi, and mobile applications to assess your risk level. Once we have completed the run of simulated cyber attacks, our system generates a report that shows us each of the places where your systems can be fortified.

Why partner with Amnet for Penetration Testing?

  • You can’t patch a hole unless you know that it’s there.
  • You don’t know how your employees will respond to an attack unless you simulate one.
  • You can’t be HIPAA or PCI compliant without Penetration Testing.