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Your Plan For The Day That Doesn’t Go As Planned

Jun 11, 2018

What’s your plan for today? If today is the day your business’ technology doesn’t go as planned, do you have a contingency ready? Amnet is the IT solution for you and has you covered!

Whether you have a routine or every day is different, you have a plan. You have a plan in mind for how today should unfold, no matter how different from yesterday, no matter if your calendar is full of meetings or relatively light.

Most days, your schedule probably starts out the same – whether it’s turning on your workstation, checking messages that may have come in since the previous workday ended, or reviewing your calendar of appointments for the day.

Have your meetings, catch up on your email communication, return calls, arrive where you need to and on time, and generally mark off each item on your to-do checklist for the day.

The goal is for the day to go as planned, and to be productive and profitable.

What happens when your day does not go as planned?

Any number of things can happen under the heading of “things not going right” on a given day – but that doesn’t mean things have to go wrong. Amnet, an IT support provider in Colorado Springs, promises there is a difference.

Technology is supposed to simplify our lives. Rather than anything handwritten, professionals can avoid the massive hand cramps caused during the development of a proposal in long form by typing said document in a word processor – handy for office memos or letters, too. Speaking of letters, the delays caused by “snail mail” can be avoided by using email communications, delivered instantly to an inbox. Both of these examples require the use of a computer, a staple for every professional, as a desktop workstation or a laptop for on-the-go use.

Applications like word processors and email programs are great – when they work, and when the computers they run on work. Technology has quirks, but with the widespread adoption of technology in professional office environments in the 1980’s and 1990’s, a new industry was born: IT support.

Because computer technology relied – and still relies – on a system of electronic processes and mechanical hardware to function and perform at peak output, these delicate machines need ongoing maintenance by trained and knowledgeable teams of experts to oversee routine operations.

Today, you’re not always guaranteed this service with a smile! Those claiming to be technology experts are everywhere, but truly competent help is hard to find. Technology is a fast-paced environment and the certifications available can be confusing to comprehend when a business needs to hire the right staff for the job.

Take the first step in the right direction with Amnet.

The team at Amnet has the certifications and expertise to provide the best solution, but we’re also just a great group of people. We have fun every day, we love what we do – helping you run your business – and we’re very good at what we do.

One thing we’re very good at doing is preventing unplanned days – at least as far as your technology is considered! Amnet’s team can handle anything, and we really do mean anything. We take on urgent tech support calls of all sizes every week – from $100 jobs to $70,000 jobs – with immediate turnaround time.

Time is money

Because time is money – your money! Downtime costs, and not just revenue. Business continuity is our focus when we are responding to a support call with immediate attention needed. Downtime is the potential loss of momentum, productivity, sales, and profit from a service disruption. The shorter the downtime, the lesser the overall impact. Whether downtime is from natural disaster, criminal activity, or simple human error, Amnet can quickly get to work repairing the damage and getting your business back online.

A decade ago, studies showed that downtime could cost a company as much as $70,000 per hour, a staggering number for small and medium businesses. Today, those figures are much higher given the increased amount of transactions that take place over the Internet. Do these figures qualify as catastrophic downtime for your business? Only you can answer that – but we know you don’t want to find out.

  • What is catastrophic downtime? Catastrophic downtime is the direct result of a catastrophic failure. It’s important to note that this type of failure is defined not by the action that caused the failure and resulting downtime, but by how the failure and downtime affect your business.

It’s not the nature of a business to just accept downtime – for the very real reason that downtime affects profit. But the fact is, downtime happens. Life happens. Things don’t always go as planned – but that doesn’t mean it has to be a bad day!

So, what’s your contingency plan?

Amnet can’t stress enough how important it is for your business to have a backup plan for any impact from:

  • Natural disasters like fire or flood
  • Unexpected situations like powerful storms and power outages
  • Cybercrime and cyber attacks
  • Simple human error

Our dedicated team jumps right in to get you back up to speed as quickly as possible, and we have business continuity options in place to help offset any downtime. Amnet works with you to make sure your business is covered:

  • Planning
    • A contingency plan for those situations you don’t expect to happen, nor do you want to happen, is the smartest plan you’ll never need. Let’s put a plan in place to prevent loss of productivity and profit!
  • Data back-ups
    • Make sure the data you need to do your job and focus on your business is protected. Regular data back-ups can help you jump back into service with minimal interruption or loss of time or resources should you need to enact your contingency plan.
  • System monitoring
    • Is someone watching your system? By this, we mean the “good guys”, to make sure everything is working as it should. Keeping a close eye on systems and processes means that if anything looks amiss, we catch it fast and prevent catastrophic impact, making the interruption nearly imperceptible.

Know that whatever comes your way, Amnet is here for your business with your best interests in mind. Your customers, your staff, and your peace of mind are what we thrive on – and we do it right now, and with a smile!

Check out Amnet today for the latest in technology news and information.

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