Why You Can’t Skip Encryption

Feb 5, 2016

When it comes to your company’s valuable and sensitive data, encryption plays a crucial role. Even small businesses are subject to the Data Protection Act, which is designed to ensure your customer’s personal data does not get lost or stolen. Not only does it protect your customer’s personal data, but it also protects your company’s data from unwanted eyes. Emails, files, and entire data storage will be encrypted to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing them.


The most effective and secure way to achieve data security is through encryption, which requires a key or password to enable decryption; the encryption and decryption keys are related to one another and then transformed into code using algorithms.

How Encryption Works

Unencrypted data comes in the form of plain text and encrypted data is cipher text; to unauthorized persons, it will take the form of letters, numbers, and symbols that create nonsense, but to the authorized user/sender/recipient, it will be in true form.

Data encryption is applied in a systematic way to ensure your data does not slip through the cracks.

There are two types of Encryptions:

File-Level Encryption:

Encryption where individual files are encrypted by the file system itself; it uses file-based key management, which encrypts the individual file with a separate encryption key. You have the benefit of individual management and access control.

Full-Disk Encryption:

Disk-encryption software protects every bit of data that is in data storage and on disk. The hard drives, operating systems, program files, data files, and temp files on devices, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even USB drives, are fully encrypted.

Why You Should Never Skip on Data Encryption:

It’s Good Business Sense:

Corporate espionage and accidental data leaks pose a serious threat to your company. You’re going to want to be protected, and in the best way possible. It’s fast and straightforward – we take proper care of your business through encryption based on your specific needs and level of risk.

Governmental or Industrial Requirements:

Different industries must follow different compliance and regulatory requirements. You must ensure your company is legally protected by following the encryption and data guidelines, in order to be prepared for an audit.

An important link between your company and customer should be trusted; you can increase your customer’s satisfaction by assuring them that their personal information is always safe when they are doing business with you through proper data encryption procedures.

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