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What Variables Will Affect Your IT Solutions in 2021?

Mar 4, 2021

In the last year, many businesses around Colorado found that their IT solutions were no longer supporting their new operating strategies. So few businesses have been able to maintain normal operations, and the resulting changes have altered the landscape of everything we know and expect from an office environment.

These changes include everything from remote work adjustments to increased cybersecurity risks from network security vulnerabilities, which were established during the transformation of the team and office structure.

Many companies have attempted to fix these vulnerabilities using patchwork IT solutions, which don’t offer the robust tools and protection your organization needs to thrive during this challenging time.

How Changes to Your IT Solutions Will Affect Your Company This Year

So, what has changed, and how can organizations manage these changes without spending too much of their time, talent, and resources on IT?

We’ll delve into the changes that have shaken up our businesses this year and show you how rightsizing, combined with outsourcing, can offer the protection your organization needs to move into 2021 with confidence. 

Remote work adjustments

When companies went remote in the spring of 2020, no one expected that the majority of us would still be remote a year later. Many teams were utterly unprepared, and those that thrived did so by relying on platforms like Microsoft Office 365, leveraging their suite of productivity and collaboration tools like Teams and Outlook.

Now, with more businesses than ever making the switch to a permanently remote workforce, companies must ensure they can protect their staff and stakeholders with network security that extends beyond the boundaries of their office. This includes everything from setting up permissions and securing access to sensitive files to the day-to-day management and support that keeps these systems operational.  

Does your current IT team have the time and experience to make remote work as secure as your in-office network? At Amnet, our status as a Microsoft Silver partner gives us the expertise and experience to offer a higher level of support, keeping your remote workforce both productive and safe.

Changing hardware/software needs

Instead of having an office full of desktops, many companies were forced to scramble to deliver laptops, smartphones, and headsets to their new remote staff in early 2020. The transition didn’t just include hardware – many companies turned to new software solutions, including cloud-based tools, to support their remote workforce.  

All these changes have likely put a strain on your current IT team. In addition to taking on more device troubleshooting and management work, IT staff must be vigilant to ensure that opening up all these new access points has not compromised organizational cybersecurity.

The risks for this are real. According to a 2020 report, 20% of respondents said that their company had a security breach caused by a remote worker. A further 28% admitted that they’re using personal devices to conduct business, opening up opportunities for malicious actors to target company data.

IT teams who can’t stay ahead of their company’s hardware and software needs will be forced to rely on expensive, patchwork solutions that may not serve them in their hour of need. Instead, work with a partner, with existing vendor relationships, that can offer a higher level of support while keeping costs down.

Increased reliance on cloud solutions

As they’ve explored cloud-based tools, many companies took this opportunity to lean into cloud solutions in a much greater way. This includes moving everything from standard LOB applications to data storage into the cloud.

This move has helped support remote workers and will continue to be an ongoing priority for a large percentage of companies around the world. In a recent survey of tech buyers, 59% said they planned to be mostly or entirely in the cloud by the end of 2021.  

There are many advantages to making this move, but to do it effectively and keep it secure, the designers and organizers must have an in-depth understanding of cloud-specific cyber vulnerabilities. If an insecure cloud solution is implemented, it’s easy to exploit.

A lack of understanding or expertise doesn’t mean you shouldn’t explore cloud computing. It just means you’ll need help when you do. Amnet can help you source the best cloud options that will grow with your company, giving you the agility and flexibility you need to handle any challenge 2021 may offer.

Increased cybersecurity risks

It’s not a pleasant thought, but many additional cybersecurity risks need to be accounted for as we move into 2021. The transformation of our team and office structure was a major driver of this change, as was the growing number of COVID-related cybersecurity breaches.  

In addition to securing your network against intruders, a smart IT team will be working to educate their colleagues on safe cybersecurity practices. This can include training on how to handle a phishing attack, as well as ongoing guidance on the dangers of using insecure personal devices.

With a robust education program and proactive solutions like 24/7 monitoring, your company can ensure the safety of its data. If implementing all these alone sounds like too much work, let our experts step in to help. 

How Amnet Can Help

At Amnet, we’ve been helping companies around the Colorado area handle their IT since 1998. Our specialty is working with in-house IT teams to supplement their knowledge, so they can get back to focusing on the day-to-day aspects of their business that require their expertise.

Once we come on board, our managed services experts can help you set up all your tools and systems so they work for your needs. From there, we’ll protect your network security by continually scanning for vulnerabilities and can even help train staff using learning tools like phishing simulations.

Our solutions and expert guidance help businesses maintain the agility and flexibility they need to grow. Contact us today for a complimentary security gap analysis, so we can learn more about what you need to thrive in 2021.