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October Windows Update has Fun Features to Look Forward to!

Oct 22, 2018

Your Phone

Windows 10 is adding a built-in app, Your Phone, that will integrate your cell phone features right into your PC. You’ll be able to text from your computer and access your phone’s photo albums. There are rumors that notifications will be synced between devices in later updates.

Clipboard History

Ever accidentally copied over something you had on your clipboard that you needed? It’ll be an issue no longer. They are revamping the clipboard app to allow you to access recent items, pin ones you use a lot, and sync your clipboard across your devices. The shortcut is Windows Key + V.


Windows finally has a competitor for Android’s Swype, meet, SwiftKey. On your touchscreen devices like the Surface Pro, you’ll be able to swipe from letter to letter for typing instead of the traditional way. It is said to have accurate autocorrections and speeds up typing.

Dark Mode

Dark Mode is both an eye and battery saver. It can be enabled under Settings > Personalization > Colors.

Windows Security

Windows Defender Security Center has been replaced by simply Windows Security. It has enhanced security measures and safeguards for your devices. A setting called “Block Suspicions Behaviors” detects and prevents potentially harmful app and file activities that could allow attacks.  Windows Security will also keep track of antivirus software, firewalls, and any installed security measures to provide threat reports and consolidated cybersecurity management.

Predictive Updates

Perhaps the most exciting of the updates is predictive update feature. No longer will Windows interrupt you as you’re rushing to meet a deadline. This will use machine learning to study your computer habits to figure out the best time to update and restart your machine.

More updates are sure to come, so keep your eyes peeled!


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