How to Lengthen the Life of Your Laptop

Nov 9, 2010


So, you’ve purchased a new, top-of-the-line laptop from Dell. What are some practical steps that you can take to make sure that your laptop lasts and stays in tip-top shape? Here are 4 easy tips:

  1. Watch where you place it! – Within a laptop there are numerous sensitive hardware components that can easily be damaged if the system suffers any form of blunt force. So, don’t leave your laptop at a location where it can fall or where something can fall on it and cause it damage. Also, be mindful when you plug in your AC adapter to your laptop. Someone walking by can easily catch their feet on the laptop and pull it off your desk.
  2. Keep it clean! – As tempting as it is to eat and drink while working on your laptop, food particles and computer equipment are not a good combination. Sticky foods and drinks can gum up your keyboard and if spilled, can even get to the internal components of your laptop via vents. Dust and dirt are the enemies of any computer systems. Blow off the laptop with a can of compressed air every now and then to minimize heat buildup.
  3. Stay cool man! – Overheating computer components significantly reduce the life of computers. If you’re not using your laptop, shut it down and let it cool off. As tempting as it is to work in your bed at home, be very careful where you set your laptop. Not only can you cover the air vents of the laptop with blankets, but if you have that laptop on your lap and it’s not able to release adequate heat, you can cause serious bodily harm to your legs from a burn.
  4. Quit dancing around! – A laptop that is powered-on should generally be kept stationary. Moving a laptop around can cause the hard disk in the laptop to be damaged. There are always new components and types of laptops that are able to be moved. If you’re unsure if you have a laptop that has these components, it’s always the safest plan to power the system down before moving it or storing it.

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