Amnet Is Proud to Be Part of the Microsoft SMB Champions Club

Apr 7, 2016

At {company} we are always working hard to broaden our skills and expertise, and our recent eligibility and enrolment in the Microsoft SMB Champions Club is our latest step towards strengthening our service offerings and providing a reputable image that our clients can depend on.

The Microsoft SMB Champions Club offers eligible US businesses, such as ourselves, numerous resources and additional support, to grow our cloud offerings, and provide you with a higher level of service from Microsoft.

As an official member of the Microsoft SMB Champions Club, we have exclusive access to:

  • Dedicated Microsoft Account Representatives
  • Experienced and Educated Microsoft Account Managers
  • Essential Contacts as a Cloud Distributor

Colorado Springs IT Support and IT Services.

Microsoft is one of the most influential names in the industry, with a reputation for providing technology solutions that are designed to both enhance and simplify the way we work. This is why we are so excited and proud to be enrolled in this Club. We have always been committed to providing you with the most innovative and effective solutions to achieve success in your industry, and enrolling in this program allows us to provide exceptional guidance and support so you are able to enhance your operations in ways never before possible.

We are looking forward to taking advantage of all of the benefits that the Microsoft US SMB Champions Program has to offer, so we are able to better help you reach your goals and overcome any obstacles, achieving the success you work so hard for.

Are your taking advantage of everything Microsoft has to offer? {company} can help. Give us a call at {phone} or send an email to {email} to hear more about our involvement with the Microsoft SMB Champions Club, and how that will help you.

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