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Network Audit

Jul 15, 2020

In simplest terms, a Network Audit helps us understand what you have, how it’s working, and how we can help it work better.

What is a Network Security Audit and why is it important?

A Network Security Audit is a detailed assessment of an organization’s security posture, which includes evaluating the network infrastructure, system configurations, and applications.

A comprehensive Network Security Audit helps identify potential weaknesses in the network and provides recommendations to improve security. Why is this important? Finding weaknesses in your network is important because it helps your organization identify vulnerabilities that could be used by malicious actors to gain access to sensitive data or disrupt operations. Additionally, the audit can help organizations stay ahead of emerging threats and ensure their systems are secure.

When the Amnet team of IT professionals partners with you, we will conduct a Network Audit. This is a survey of your entire IT ecosystem and gives us the hard numbers we need to establish a baseline and to devise a strategy for your IT management moving forward.

What does a Network Audit survey?

A network audit is a thorough review of your IT system’s performance, management, availability, control systems, and security. It surveys the processes used by your business technology to spot:

  • Inefficiencies that can be remediated
  • Protocols that can be made more effective
  • Compliance strategies that can be strengthened
  • Hardware that is unused, overtasked, or underutilized
  • Hardware that is past its lifecycle and in need of replacement

The final Network Audit report gives us a virtual roadmap of your entire system – hardware and software. This is the equivalent of a checkup visit to your doctor’s office – a full reporting of your IT system’s health.