Vet Clinic IT Services

Our Solution To Growing Vet Clinic Needs Treats You Like Part Of The Family!

May 12, 2018

Let us Fix Your IT Worries!

What’s our secret?

If only we gave it away that easy!

Okay, we’ll give you a hint. . .

It’s you!

No, really. Look at us. Look at our body language! See how relaxed our shoulders are?! Our genuine smiles? We can honestly say we love what we do – and you’re the reason. We get to come to a place every day and do something that makes a difference for our customers. We are a family – and family takes care of each other.

Including Achilles. Especially Achilles!

When Achilles joined the family, it was immediately clear that he wasn’t an ordinary dog. His skill in sniffing out secrets is pretty incredible. By “secrets”, of course, we mean any treats hidden in pockets.

But Achilles got our group thinking about four-legged family members. More importantly, Achilles made us think outside the (treat) box and get creative with how we take care of those who provide care for all furry family members.

See, Achilles knows we love our veterinarians, too. We’ve worked some technological magic to cater to the needs of these specialized offices.

Whether the staff numbers three or 300, we’ve got you covered. Even better, if your staff has grown from three to 300, we can make growing pains easier!

Growing vet clinics rely on a flexible infrastructure, involving time, resources and money. You don’t have the time to dedicate nor the resources needed for a highly-specialized need, and that’s where we come in. We take the growing pains and give you solutions!

Our team assesses your situation and formulates a plan for your long-term success while maintaining overall health. What do we mean by this? To start, we have a conversation with you, one where we mostly listen. We listen to you, your current needs and your expectations, and we ask the questions that help us determine potential factors that may impact your situation in the short-term and long-term future for lasting success. Your success is our success.

When it comes time to upgrade your infrastructure, we listen to your needs. Keeping up with demands and maintaining perspective while anticipating future growth is the magical formula – and not everyone can do the math like we can.

Achilles can’t help with your infrastructure or our math here, but he can offer moral support.

Are you a current Small Business Server customer? It may be time to upgrade. You have lots of options, and we’re happy to translate the multitude of “techspeak” into plain English.

  • Microsoft Azure – a collective of cloud-based services, including data storage
  • IBM VPS – IBM’s version of cloud storage for Virtual Private Server
  • Rackspace – another cloud storage provider
  • Amazon S3 – The success of Amazon Prime means Amazon is already storing the data of millions (and millions) of consumers, so it’s only natural they offer cloud storage services to other businesses.

What does this list mean for you? A lengthy list of benefits! Cloud storage on a virtual server is quickly growing in popularity for many reasons:

  • Scalable
  • Flexible/Adaptable to your needs
  • Cost-efficient
  • Secure

Rather than continuing to spend your dollars on an older Small Business Server (circa 2011), we can guide you in the right direction so your money stretches farther and has a stronger impact on your bottom line. The needs of your business change, and your technology should be able to keep up.

Achilles has a fantastic veterinarian and probably looks at the annual appointment for check-up and vaccinations and just a trip for cuddles and treats. Word is getting out about them, too. Their business is expanding, and their technology demands are growing.

You know the story all too well!

We already know veterinarians love Cornerstone, by Idexx, which works great for veterinarian practices and integrates a multitude of options for client payments and tools for successful practice management. AVImark is another popular choice for pet care providers. Most importantly, we can help design infrastructure options that support both, or something else entirely. It’s what we do.

Customer databases for veterinary practices – or literally any business – can grow quite large, and maintaining records and transactions for every interaction takes up a lot of digital real estate, requiring a pretty powerful machine to store and operate your business details.

What else should you consider? Internet speed. With that much data, quick access is pretty crucial. You don’t want to get bogged down with the spinning hourglass on your screen while you wait for the information to load.

“I didn’t even think of that!”

It’s okay – we hear that all the time. But that’s our job to think of things like that for you. We can look at your network and assess your connectivity needs.

What happens if you use different software applications that each store different data? We might recommend separate virtual servers, one for each. Trust us when we tell you it’s more expensive to you in downtime to try to operate with slower access to information than to keep everything separate.

Keeping your data secure is important, too.

“How do we guarantee the security of our data?”

A domain controller is a good start to keeping data secure. Domain controllers are a way to protect information in a system that requires a login by processing security authentication requests.

To put it simply, don’t let demands of growth become your Achilles heel! (Do you like what we did there?) With success comes stress, but we can take your stress and turn it into the perfect solution for you.

We promise to be virtually painless – Achilles, too!

Read more about the latest in technology news, see what Amnet is up to these days, or even help us celebrate Achilles’ birthday! We can’t guarantee party hats, but we can guarantee a tail-wagging good time – we’ll provide the pupsicles and popsicles sure to please.