Computer network audit and review in Colorado Springs and Denver

Network Security

Jul 12, 2016

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See Where You Are Vulnerable with a Amnet Network Audit

Are you certain that your company’s network is completely secure?

The network is that part of your system that connects your company’s computers. A lot of sensitive and valuable information passes through your network on a daily basis. As a result, it can often be targeted by viruses, worms, spyware, and other malicious digital threats.

Proactive business leaders like you are turning to Amnet to analyze, discover, and fix network vulnerabilities before people with evil intent exploit them.

With our Computer Network Security Audit, we can examine your network security to determine whether your company’s data is properly protected and help you decide the best course to remediate any issues found.

Once you have made the proactive leadership decision to have Amnet perform a network audit for your business, we will analyze the following aspects of your IT system.

  • Measures – to determine the strength of your current passwords, the validity of any firewalls in place, and user access
  • Fail Safes – to verify whether you have dependable backups that can be relied upon in case of emergency
  • Maintenance – to ensure that your security settings meet industry standards, that maintenance programming is configured to operate automatically, and that any past employees have been removed from the system

While you don’t often think about your business network, the criminals that want access to Colorado businesses have given your network and the networks of those around you a lot of thought. You can foil their dangerous plans for tomorrow by taking action today.

To learn more about what our Computer Network Security Audit can do for your business, contact Amnet today!