Backup Addendum

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Backup Addendum

A. Addendum Term

This Agreement will remain in effect for one year unless terminated or canceled as provided herein. Thereafter the Agreement shall automatically renew on an annual basis.  Client should expect an additional Power Up fee after three years as part of a standard technology refresh.

B. Addendum Description

This Addendum hereby modifies the original IT Support, Monitoring and Maintenance Agreement between Amnet, and (Client), dated as signed.  All of the terms and conditions defined in the original IT Support, Monitoring and Maintenance Agreement shall apply to this Addendum.

C. Cancellation & Termination

Client understands that all Cancellations & Termination terms and conditions as defined in Section 12 of the original IT Support, Monitoring and Maintenance Agreement apply to this Addendum; however, the following will be added: Client understands that any and all Power Up fees paid to Amnet as defined in Section F of this Addendum are non-refundable and the minimum term of this is defined in Section A of this Addendum.  Client must surrender the Backup device immediately upon the cancellation of this Agreement.

D. Monthly Fees

Client understands that Backup Pricing as defined below will be in addition to Monthly Fee under the IT Support, Monitoring and Maintenance Agreement. The below fees include the monthly rental fee for the Backup device.

Backup Pricing

Unit Storage and Cost Table


Cloud Backup Pricing

Cloud Storage Table - amnet

E. Delivery Times

Client understands that Amnet shall place the order for any and all Backup devices as defined in this Addendum once Amnet has received the sum of total Power-Up Fees as defined in Section F of this Addendum.  Client also understands that orders will take a minimum of two (2) weeks to process and receive shipment of devices ordered.  Amnet shall not be held liable in any way for delayed shipments.

F. Power Up

Client agrees to pay the following onetime non-refundable Power Up fee(s). The Power Up fee(s) includes the delivery of the Backup device, configuration,  as well as the physical installation of the device. Power Up fees will be due and payable prior to Amnet ordering any Backup devices.

Backup Power Up Pricing

Power Up Graph

G. Maintenance and Ownership of Backup Device

Repairs due to hardware failure are the responsibility of Amnet.  Repairs due to damage caused by anyone or anything other than an authorized agent of Amnet will be performed by Amnet however the costs of said repairs will be the responsibility of the Client. The Backup device is owned solely by Amnet.  Commercial general liability insurance shall name Amnet as an additional insured party and a loss payee.

H. Acceptance of Addendum

By signing this Agreement, Client agrees to the terms and conditions of this Addendum in its entirety, and also acknowledges that he or she has the authority on behalf of Client to enter into this Agreement.  As authorized agents of the parties entering into this Agreement, the undersigned acknowledge full contents of said Agreement as acceptable and binding.


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