Premiere Colorado Construction Company Says, “Amnet Has Always Demonstrated a Consistent Level of Service”

Bryan Construction is a large construction firm located in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, CO. They’ve been utilizing our IT services and support since 2001, and are, in the 17th year of being one of our best clients, quite satisfied and happy with our services. They were recently good enough to post a video testimonial […]

Colorado Springs Companies Can Save Big Money Annually by Updating Aging Microsoft Exchange Servers to Microsoft Office 365

It may actually be costing you significant money, although it can easily be done. The simple fact is, Colorado Springs companies can save big money annually by updating their aging Microsoft Exchange Servers to Microsoft Office 365. The average annual savings is around $4,000 by expert calculations. And, with Amnet as your choice among IT […]

Meet Your Amnet Colorado Springs IT Support Team: Jessica Ostley

Where are you from?      I was born and raised in Hudson, Wisconsin—easier said, the Greater Twin Cities area. What did you go to college for and where?      I attended the Art Institutes in Minneapolis for Film Studies and Broadcasting. After a year, I transferred to Century College in White Bear Lake, MN to finish my […]

Amazon’s Echo for Visually Impaired Employees

If you employ a person who is blind or visually impaired, you know that you must make accommodations to minimize or eliminate workplace barriers. By doing this, you not only ensure their safety but their productivity. In some instances, making these accommodations can be costly, so you must take into account the value of making […]

10 Ways to Maximize Amazon’s Alexa for Business

We all wish that we had a personal assistant who would manage all aspects of our lives. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone who would order your Uber rides while telling you about the newest and greatest restaurant in your area? And wouldn’t it be even better if that assistant didn’t require breaks, a […]

A Potentially Massive Intel Processor Security Flaw – What We Know So Far

A security gap in countless Intel processors places what should be private user data at serious risk. Kernel memory is the portion of a device’s memory that is dedicated to the most essential core components of that device’s operating system and their interaction with system hardware. It is, for the most part, a technical aspect […]

Apple Products Not Immune to Meltdown or Spectre

The year 2018 started with a Meltdown that even Mac and iOS users aren’t immune to. Meltdown is a flaw in processors that allows a hacker to gain access to the personal data stored in your computer. Meltdown, and the similar Spectre were discovered January 3rd. They affect processors from Intel, AMD, and ARM, leaving […]

Major Security Flaw Discovered In Intel Processors

Potentially every Intel processor sold in the last 10 years could have a critical security vulnerability that puts users at severe risk. It’s often these days that poor IT security comes down to something like human error, and lack of awareness on the users’ part. It’s less often that there’s a widespread design flaw discovered […]

Did You Know That Texts Could Be a Threat to Your HIPAA Compliance?

Text is an umbrella term that covers any electronically transmitted written message between two devices—And it’s is a widely used form of communication today. Texts are showing up in both our personal and work lives on a daily basis. In fact, even medical practices have been using instant messaging more frequently to communicate to coworkers […]