InPrivate Browsing – What Is It & What Is It Not?

Oct 11, 2011

in-private browsing

If you’ve used recent versions of Internet Explorer, perhaps you have noticed that there is a feature called InPrivate Browsing. If you haven’t seen it, in Internet Explorer, you can tap your ALT key and go to Tools and you should see an option for InPrivate Browsing:

IT Support - tools

When you start InPrivate Browsing, a new window is opened in Internet Explorer:

private window

From here, you can browse to websites and once you close this window, your passwords, cookies, and history, among other things, will be removed.

While most individuals can think of ways to use this browsing for less-savory activities, you can use InPrivate Browsing for these purposes:

  • Purchase a gift for your husband/wife on your shared computer without the other knowing what you’re doing.
  • Accessing bank websites from an Internet café.
  • Checking your webmail from a library computer.

But, is InPrivate Browsing 100% secure? The answer is NO! While the browser may not log where you have been, network firewalls, Internet providers, and even the owners of the websites you visit all may log your system accessing their pages. Additionally, if you are using a public network, there is always a chance that your Internet traffic may be captured, InPrivate or not. Always exercise caution and observe safe-surfing regardless of your location and the browser settings you are using.

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