Are Computer Tablets Worth the Cost?

Jun 3, 2011


The tablet industry has seen an impressive amount of growth after Apple introduced their signature iPad in 2010. Subsequently, the tablet market has diversified with assorted iPad alternatives offered by competitors such as Android, Microsoft and also Motorola. However, tablet computers may not be right for everyone. Despite its recent popularity, who’s to say that the iPad won’t go the way of the 8-track? Of course, the choice of whether or not a tablet is right for you is one that should be educated. Before you decide to purchase one of these expensive machines, or even if you are already an owner, think about these pros and cons.


  • Tablets are mobile. As business begins to fully utilize cloud computing, having your work remotely accessible becomes a must. A tablet can make you more accessible and, in turn, more productive.
  • Tablets are very useful. The potential for productive work uses will only increase as developers release more business-related apps. As time goes on, tablets will likely become more practical in a business setting.
  • Tablets communicate ability. Successfully using a computer tablet as a work tool will let your clients know that you mean business. Taking notes on a tablet during a meeting could increase others’ confidence in your abilities.


  • Tablets haven’t reinvented the wheel. Most of the functions performed by a tablet can be performed on a laptop or desktop computer. Yes, tablets may be more convenient, but does that make them absolutely necessary?
  • Tablets can promote squandering time. Though there are hundreds of useful business apps available, there are also more gaming apps. If misused, you might find yourself distracted by your new tablet to the detriment of your productivity.
  • Tablets are still a new technology and are therefore costly. If you aren’t yet confident a tablet is right for you, given their price, wait a few months to watch how the industry grows. Eventually, cheaper alternatives will be introduced as more well-known hardware, like the iPad, drop in price.

Tablets are powerful tools that strike a balance between practicality and luxury. Considering the pros and cons will help you decide the value a tablet can offer. If you’d like to learn any more information, please take a look at this article.

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