10 Ways To Improve Your Website Conversion

Apr 11, 2011


If you’re like most businesses, you’re looking for ways to increase your market share, improve your cash flow, and lower your expenses. Many of us are dealing with tighter margins and clients who aren’t paying as fast as they used to. It’s a sign of the economic times.

One sure fire way to improve your bottom line is to make better use of your website. Some studies have shown that as many as 90% of people will visit your website before making a buying decision. Is your website set up to ensure that those visitors find the information they’re looking for quickly and easily? Does it give them a full and accurate understanding of your company’s offerings and culture? Is it set up to capture and nurture leads through the decision making process? If you can’t answer “yes” to all of these questions then you’re missing out on some valuable resources that will help your business grow.

Here are a few tips to help you increase website engagement and increase conversions on your website:

  1. Put Google Analytics or another tracking software on your website and then study the reports. Which pages have a high bounce rate? Are customers staying on some pages longer than others with comparable amounts of text and information? How are people finding your site? Analytics tools are great for studying how people interact with your website.
  2. Incentivize people to give you their email addresses. Give them a coupon, a white paper, a price list… something that they’ll find valuable enough to give you their email address. Then follow that up with drip marketing campaign so you can stay top-of-mind.
  3. I almost included this tip above but it is so killer that I gave it its own bullet: when asking for an email address, ask specifically for the Work Email. Most people have an alternative email address they use for signing up for things. Most people will tend to give you the work email if asked for it by name.
  4. Make the online buying process/getting information process easy. If you make someone go through a lot of screens he is likely to abandon the whole process.
  5. Asking for phone numbers on a form will give you a HUGE drop in the response rate. Only ask for it if it is essential. Can you follow up by email? Can you get their contact information down the line?
  6. Test different features on your website. We’re not talking about small things – like using charcoal grey vs. regular gray. Do something BIG and see if it has a positive impact on your conversions. When I was running my own company, Webstore Solutions, I added a rotating banner to my website that highlighted different services I offered. The result? A 300%+ increase in conversions! I kept that feature! The website is still live so you can visit it to see what I mean. Webstore Solutions website 
  7. A tool like Google Website Optimizer can help you with doing your testing.
  8. Use bullet points and images to keep readers engaged in your content. Also this may sound like a no-brainer but break up your content into paragraphs. Have you ever seen a website that is just a continuous, 2000-word paragraph? I usually stop reading and go check Facebook.
  9. Make your phone number or email very prominent. There is an old term from the newspaper days called “above the fold”. (You can use Google if you’re unfamiliar with a newspaper. That’s geared to our younger readers. ; -) When something is “above the fold” it is easy to see and find. Having your phone number at the top of the screen makes it easy for someone to see it and use it to tell you they want to make a $1 million purchase.
  10. Have someone not related to you and not paid by your company review your website and give you honest feedback about the look, feel, and usability. Take her opinions to heart – she is likely to think like your customer would. The more opinions and eyeballs you can get, the better.

What conversion techniques have you used on your website? Have they worked?

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