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Outsourcing Tech Support for Better Internal Focus

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There are a number of benefits to outsourcing your business’s IT support processes, including cost savings, access to greater expertise, and less administrative hassle.

What each of these benefits boils down to, however, is one basic principle: the less effort your business expends on ancillary tasks, the more you can concentrate those efforts on your core functions.

While most outsourcing has been in the realm of using inbound contact centers, accounting firms and the like, tech can use this valuable resource, as well. You have the freedom to run and grow your business with the confidence that your tech support will follow suit.


For the Small Business Tech Team

While outsourcing as a rule used to be a privilege afforded only to large businesses, the market has changed over the past decade and become available to medium-and small-sized businesses as well.

Small businesses are particularly well-suited to outsourcing their tech support. In a small business with few employees, each staff member may wear several hats and fulfill a variety of tasks in the course of their work.

Your primary sales staff may also perform customer support, or your office manager may double as the HR department. Any one of these individuals may also be tapped to fulfill the technical support role in addition to their other duties.

  • Outsourcing tech support reduces the burden on your staff to complete multiple job functions. You may not have the funds to hire a full-time tech support employee, so the tasks get passed on to another member of your regular staff.
  • Rather than dividing time between their official job role and the additional tasks that keeping the business running requires, they can concentrate fully on what they were hired to do: make your business successful.

By taking advantage of the expertise of an outsourced technical support firm, you get higher quality work from everyone. Before choosing the best firm for you, be sure you know your IT outsourcing terminology – without the necessary knowledge, you may sign up for something you don’t need, costing your business time and money.

For the Enterprise Tech Team

Large businesses tend to have larger, more complex IT systems than smaller businesses. From supporting the business’s software programs to providing extensive coding for its website, large business tech support has a lot on its plate.

Keeping tech support in-house enables business managers to have extensive oversight over their IT processes but is that necessary? The best IT departments are able to accept a project request from management and produce a high-quality, functional result, with little to no additional input necessary. 

By delegating technical support tasks to an outsourced provider, your business still gets those high-quality results without the hassle.

  • When IT tasks are completed off-site, the knowledge that specific tasks will be completed within a specific budget in a specific timeframe means your company’s internal team has less to worry about. They’re free to focus on more vital core activities, without wondering if the IT department will go over budget or miss their deadline.

Outsourcing tech support precludes both large and small businesses from spending the time, effort, and administrative overhead of recruiting, hiring, and training IT staff.

Furthermore, you don’t need to hire an expert in web design, an expert in networking, and an expert in business software in order to benefit from advanced knowledge and expertise in each of these sectors. The IT firm provides you with the support staff that is best equipped to help you with the situation at hand – and gives you a different expert tailored for each individual project.

With outsourced tech support, your business can concentrate on what it wants to get done, without getting distracted by what is or isn’t possible for their IT staff to accomplish. This enables you to advance more rapidly, adapt to changes more flexibly, and set unlimited goals for where you want your business to go.

Megan Webb-Morgan is a business writer; she focuses on a variety of topics ranging from software to tech support. She currently writes for Resource Nation, B2B lead generation business. Follow them on Facebook and Google+ for more great advice, tips and tools.